UJ Services

Multipurpose Gym

This gym is used to practice many sports activities like (Basketball - Volleyball - Handball - Soccer of five players - Ground Tennis - Badminton – Closed Female Aerobic). The gym contains a runway (with seats) that can accommodate about 450 people, an electronic panel, and a platform for graduation.

Female Aerobic Lounge

This hall can accommodate a maximum of 20 students; it offers 5 lectures a week supervised by a professional trainer at a very low price.

Squash courts

two courts with international specifications; one for males and another one for females.

Table tennis hall

300 to 400 students visit this hall daily.

The main playground (University Stadium)

This stadium contains strips with a capacity of 6,000 people where the design followed the international standards in order to guest championship athletics and track and soccer and other activities. The playground is reserved about 6 times a day by schools. The stadium has a major VIP platform.

Ground Tennis Court

Private yard for ground Tennis.