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International Dorms For Student's Jarash & Amon

The University accomplished Jarash & Amon dorm for foreign and Arab students as a comfortable place; it is a unique International Dormitory. Inside the dormitory, the university tries always to achieve stillness and comfort for its students, maintains a good environment with friendly relations between all the members.


o Students of University have prefer Jarash & Amon dorms. o To maintain the dorm comfortable, many supervisors are assigned to help students. o The university emphasizes its regulations to its dwellers in order to keep the dorm quiet, at a high level of comfort, and full of peace. o In order to keep dwellers privacy and independency, the design of Jarash & Amon dorms was built as separated studios. o Each studio has a bedroom with its contents desk for studying, a small hall, a kitchen with needed tools, a separate bathroom, and flexible that allows students to bring the objects they needed.