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AgroTechnology VET Centers to Train Future Farmers in Jordan and Palestine (AgroTec)



AgroTec demonstrates various smart farming and marketing techniques for research, training, and extension services in Jordan. The project is intended to enhance the capacity and quality of vocational education and training and the agriculture method used by farmers and agriculturists which in turn will enhance society by supporting the labor market. Additionally, the project is going to increase the business awareness of youngsters, promote entrepreneurship, create startups and address social vulnerabilities by educating young people.


·         AgroTec is coordinated by Agriwatch Bv.

The Specific Objects are:

1-      Establish a network and exchange of good practices (start with 8 partners as a baseline and will be expanded to over 100 partners during the course of project execution).

2-      Establish Innovative Centers in all JO&PS universities partners (AgroTec centre) to conduct training and vocational courses (to improve the lack of skilled human resources in JO&PS.

3-      Encouraging youth working in agriculture sectors by using smart technology which will increase the usage of technology and skilled human employment and reflect the whole society.

4-      Design and develop vocational courses (including eLearning materials) and teach Innovative Agri-Food technologies in a demand-oriented way in cooperation with EU universities and partner companies.



1-      Agriwatch Bv (Coordinator)

2-      Mutah University

3-      University Of Jordan

4-      National University College Of Technology

5-      Palestine Technical University - Kadoorie

6-      Palestine Polytechnic University

7-      Slovenska Polnohospodarska Univerzita V Nitre

8-      Int@E Ug


Project Period: 1 January 2023 - 31 December 2025

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