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Vocational Training Diploma on Cosmetology (COSMO)


·         COSMO is a program to increase the employability for Women in Jordan through cosmetology sector. It comes to address the disparity between women and men in the workplace while also teaching women valuable market and digital literacy skills. This project intends to integrate theoretical cosmetic arts’ education with practical training, raising the level of education and performance in this field to be reflected in the story and type of professional work in community salons. The Diploma of Cosmetics employs a curriculum that covers all the scientific and practical aspects of cosmetology and the use of advanced technologies, products, and tools in the correct manner. It also will cover the development of basic life skills needed by students in the labor market such as social communication skills, customer service, time management basics, and selling beauty products.


·         COSMO is coordinated by GSMC

The Specific Objects are:

1-       Empowering women in society and increasing their active role in the economy by giving them the opportunity to carry out a project of their own and reducing the gap between males and females in terms of equal investment opportunities.

2-       Providing the opportunity to work for females in line with the culture of the local community, since the idea of working for within a mixed environment is considered uncomfortable or looked down upon.

3-       This project does not require a high school diploma, and the presence of talent or motivation for learning and innovation is sufficient.

4-       Providing job opportunities for former graduates of this specialization to work within the project.

5-       When the number of female graduates in this field is increased and opportunities are provided for them to open their own projects, this will be reflected on the women of the local community by facilitating their access.


1-      GSMC (Coordinator)

2-      University of Jordan UJ

3-      University of Florence UNIFI

4-      Al-Azhar University AUC

5-      Suez Canal University SCU

6-      University of Sousa USO

7-      National University College of Technology NUCT

8-      University of Monastir UM

9-      Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek UNIOS


Project Period: 1 January 2023 - 31 December 2025

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