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Enhancing ICT Competencies of Early Childhood Educators at HEIs in MENA Countries (ICT4EDU)



The Main objective of (ICT4EDU) project in to enhance the quality of ICT competencies of early childhood teacher’s educators in the (9) higher education institutions in Jordan, Palestine, and Egypt in line with advance EU practices, thereby enhancing the quality of the education in pre-schools in Jordan, Palestine and Egypt. This wider aim will be achieved through completion of the set of specific objectives.

·         ICT4EDU is coordinated by The University of Jordan, UJ

The Specific Objects are:

1.       To Identify the student teachers’ levels of digital competence when entering teacher education and compare across institutions.

2.       To develop of new teaching and learning methodologies and ICT support tools in classrooms, including e-learning Educational Resources, to be able to use technology, in designing, producing and using ICT-based instructional materials.

3.       To identify, test and mainstream best practices and innovative methods of participation particularly in context of ECE digital competences.

4.       To enhance professional competences and skills of teaching staff through train of trainers workshops in contemporary pedagogical approaches, methodologies and educational technologies; learn from the experiences of colleagues from other countries in Europe.

5.       To improve the integration and interaction of the different components of the system (children, practitioners, researchers, families, community).

6.       To deliver new/updated ICT-based courses in psychology, pedagogy, methodology of teaching, and technology enhanced learning at the PC HEIs in line with the modern European strategies; as well as implementing the curricula through accreditation and enrolment of students.

7.       To ensure access to the latest developments in ICT to provide physical infrastructure and technical support that will make ICT accessible and useful to students, teachers, administrators and support staff (Establishing 9 ICT labs at the school of educational sciences in P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, P6, P7, P8, P9 universities).

8.       Dissemination of the results obtained among Jordanian, Palestinian and Egyptian HIEs and stakeholders (connected to Deliverable: Dissemination report and exchange of good practices.

9.       Share materials and teaching activities for teachers through online toolkit, workshops, seminars and conferences.


1-      The University of Jordan, UJ (Applicant)                     7- Irbid National University

2-      Mutah University Ltd                                                      8- Al-Azhar University

3-      Suez Canal University                                                     9- Heliopolis University Association

4-      Palestine Technical University – Kadoorie                     10- Palestine Technical College -Deir Elbalah

5-      Al-Istiqlal University                                                       11- University of Bucharest

6-      Polytechnic Institute of Porto                                          12- University of Padova


Project Period: 1 January 2023 - 31 December 2025

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