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Meditec: Training for Medical Education via Innovative eTechnology

The MediTec project will support and modernize the medical education in Jordan, Iraq, and Iran by establishing Innovative Training Centers with Immersive Medical Learning Platform and realistic simulation models in order to improve the practical and soft skills for students in medical education in Jordan, Iraq, and Iran.

Wider objective:

Establishing an innovative medical training center with Immersive Medical Learning Platform to train teachers and students on innovative medical technology

• Training of trainers, staff and students on innovative technologies in EU universities

• Adapting the training on innovative technology in teaching process

• Enhancement of training‐methodical complexes on bases of modernized training Courses

• Development and providing, training program, multimedia and materials for training on innovative technologies

• Training of students in EU and in the center

• Development of practical courses especially for this new learning environment.

•Strengthening quality of the graduate students through visits and cooperation with the EU

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