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​Archaeological Museum



​Archaeological Museum is located 500 m vertically from Albwaah president of the University of Jordan, and founded the Archaeology Museum university in 1962 which since its inception the university, has been included at the time on a limited number of artifacts, but the importance of a Museum of Archaeology at the University encouraged the idea of ​​re-renovated and developed to suit scientific excellent reputation of the University of Jordan. Already been refurbishment and development in several stages Vtv effects of an educational museum and is the open pages of the book are the contents of the display cabinets in which, where the cupboards containing residues and antique collectibles and civilized stretch since ancient stone ages, and until the end of the Islamic eras, which are arranged by date schedule.

The archaeological excavations held by the Department of Archaeology, one of the main sources that provide the museum in Almguetnat from different eras, as well as joint ventures with foreign missions


​Archaeological Museum


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