The 8th Joint Scientific Conference "E-Business & Management Applications In Puplic And Private Organizations

The ultimate purpose of this conference is to tackle electronic business and management applications in private and public sector organizations. This vital and trendy subject plays a crucial role in the economic growth and development of private and public organizations. Adopting e-business and e-management brings these organizations great advantages and many positive results. These results can be seen in the form of introducing new dimensions to the business, jobs, activities and processes that fulfill the customers’ needs. They also provide new and various alternatives, reducing expenses, changing expenses structure, expanding the market size, maximizing profits, providing data and information on a wide scale, reducing buying, marketing and distribution obstacles, facilitating exchange among sellers and buyers and reducing the importance of physical location and positioning factors of businesses.
This joint international scientific conference focuses on e-business and e-management’s multiple aspects, and discusses their role in making a substantial change in the organizations performance within its different aspects. This conference is a scientific and academic gathering for researchers, decision makers and organizations’ directors from different countries to share their researches, studies and scientific experiences during the conference sessions under its various themes.
The main message of this conference is to link between the literature and theories related to the e-business and e-management on one side, and their applications in the public and private sector organizations on the other side. The conference aims at achieving and enhancing the concepts and practices of excellence, quality, innovation and competition, through its different research papers and practical experiences locally, regionally and internationally that will shed the light on the various themes of the conference.