What is New
  • The Office, through 32 students, participated in organizing the fourth-Jordanian Quality Conference (8-10 September).
  • The Office provided orientation for the newly accepted students at the University of Jordan about the community service office and the different projects available to the students for serving the community, in addition to distributing pamphlets about the community service, the different projects available in the office, and pamphlets about different health issues, such as how to prevent Aids and Osteoporosis. 15 voluntary students from the office participated in this activity of serving their new colleagues (14-18 September).
  • A new poster was developed about the tasks of the office.
  • 25 students participated in the cleaning week of Amman in cooperation with the Environmental Association. (27th of September).
  • Three students volunteered with the Environmental Association to redevelop their website (21-25 of September).
  • The office started to register students for all the projects available for service of the community.
  • Injaz project started the training workshops for the students Oct / 12/ 2003.
  • The Sign language project started training the students in using the sign language.
  • The smiles planter project started visiting the orphans and the elderly and providing psychological and social care the children as well as the elderly in the different institutions.
  • Jordanian Minds Project started providing assistance in information technology to the different institutions in the country, such as the Jordanian Environmental Association, and Aljoud institution.
  • Professor Nazeeh Hamdi from Faculty of Educational Sciences gave a lecture on Behavior of University students to first year students.
  • The health awareness project started its activities by participating in the free health day that was organized by Alstiklal Hospital.
  • A lecture about the role of youth in raising awareness about human rights was conducted by Dr. Waleed Alsady, the General Representative for the National Center for Human Rights Tuesday Oct /21/ 2003 from 1 to 2 pm at the Administrative Auditorium.
  • Five female students from the youth and democracy project participated in a workshop with the Cultural Association for Youth and Children about Women and democracy in Oct/18/2003.
  • The friends of cancer patients project started its activities with the children who are suffering from cancer at Al Hussein Cancer Center.
  • The Environment Protection / Recycling Project started distributing posters to the different faculties about the importance of recycling.



What is New