Nationalities are divided into three type (restricted - unrestricted - without residence) where there are different procedures for each type.

Restricted Countries: Countries that need prior approval (click here​).

Non-Restricted Countries: Countries that do not need prior approval.


* In the case of restricted countries:

1. Initial acceptance paper and copy of the passport shall be sent to the expatriate's office in Deanship of Student Affairs

2 - Submit the application with the documents to the Ministry of the Interior to apply for a visa

3. The student's visa will be sent to the student


1- upon the student enters the Kingdom, he / she shall submit the following documents to the University of Jordan / Deanship of Student Affairs/ expatriates office (Student's Proof - Copy of Passport - copy of the last entry stamp for the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan)

2 - Submit the documents by the university to the Ministry of Interior to issue approval

3. Conduct a medical examination for the student

4. After the approval of the Ministry of the Interior and the completion of the medical examination, the following documents (medical examination - two personal photographs - student's proof - copy of the passport - approval of the Ministry of Interior - copy of the last entry and last exit of the student)to the nearest police station

5- Issuing the residence permits card with notice of renewal every year​