University of Jordan Innovation Centre (UJIC)
University of Jordan Innovation Centre (UJIC)

University of Jordan Innovation Centre (UJIV) shall be a contributory of the University of Jordan’s commercial research towards solving critical national and international challenges.


 It is our intention that the University of Jordan (UJ) will run much of this organisation’s commercial, income-generating, and business-partnership work.


UJIC will be operating in a regional, national, European and international context. UJIV supports the cooperation aims. Additionally, UJIV seeks to maximise the commercial potential of the University's skills, expertise, and resources.




Main Objectives:


Ø  Technology transfer services


This includes invention disclosure management, patent strategy, filing and maintenance, proof of concept funding, research reagents transfer, intellectual property licensing; and bespoke marketing.


Ø  Consultancy services


Supporting UJ staff who wish to provide expert consultancy services or facilities to public and private sector organizations worldwide.  This includes, but is not limited to, negotiation of contract terms, assistance with costing and pricing, formal arrangements for use of university facilities, invoicing, debt collection, and income distribution.


Ø  JU Enterprise seed funds


This comprises providing pre-seed and seed stage investment information options to members of the University of Jordan and the Jordanian society. This will help commercialise innovative research through the creation of new ventures.
The funds, expertise, and networks of the in-house team will be backed by the entrepreneurship and business acumen of the Investment Committee. And this will be used to attract seasoned management and follow-on funding to the new businesses.


Ø  Strengthen Industry-Academia relationships


 This includes building strong relationships with UJ academics to encourage disclosure and cooperative management of the most promising innovations.




Ø  Innovation village for for Entrepreneurship and Innovation among Students


Enhance internships, training, and professional  support




More details will be followed




Dr. Arwa Hamaideh


University of Jordan Innovation Centre (UJIC)