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Strategic Priorities


2.Attractive programs and advanced learning and teaching


1.Strategic Objectives


1.     To promote cognitive, professional and life-long learning skills.
2.     To improve the quality of learning outcomes.
3.     To develop interactive and innovative blended learning based on clear learning outcomes and specific assessment criteria.
4.     To employ modern teaching and learning methods.
5.     To review study plans periodically in accordance with the best global practices
6.     To expand the role and contribution of online learning and teaching.
7.     To strengthen the link between academic disciplines and market needs.
8.     To advance university standing in global ranking.
9.     To incorporate national and global accreditation and quality standard in all academic programs.
10.  To strive to achieve global standards pertaining to the faculty student ratio.
11.  To upgrade facilities and tools pertaining to teaching-learning at the university.


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