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From the President






When I had the privilege to assume the leadership of the University of Jordan (UJ) at the beginning of the academic year 2018/2019, I promised to build upon the efforts and achievements made over the past six decades by the many outstanding UJ administrations. And here we are, indeed, adding many building blocks, according to a well-thought out action plan, to the foundations that have been firmly laid.
But I also promised to review all that needs to be reviewed, and to enhance and correct all that needs to be enhanced and corrected, as part and parcel of the ongoing processes of improvement and development.
Regarding the University Strategic Plan in particular, I said the following then: "Under my administration, the University's vision, mission, and goals will be subjected to a thorough review and examination" for the purpose of achieving the following specific goals, among others: "a university that is global, smart, productive, attractive, financially stable, and a beacon of knowledge, culture, and enlightenment." I also added: "We will revise and amend all key performance indicators, and all intended learning outcomes in all specializations..."
And indeed we have accomplished this, reflecting all of these goals in the fabric of the current Strategic Plan, which has been in implementation for two years now.
In light of feedback received by the Strategic Plan Committee from all University colleges, centers, and administrative units on the basis of the two-year implementation process, as well as in light of the goals above, and with meticulous follow up on part of the Accreditation and Quality Assurance Center, the Plan has been duly amended.
It gives me a great deal of pleasure, therefore, to place in your hands the revised Strategic Plan in both Arabic and English, assuring that in the days ahead, we will be focusing on developing the University via a series of initiatives emanating from the Plan itself, in order to keep the University in the front both nationally and regionally, and advancing steadily in global rankings.
University President
Prof. Abdel-Karim Al-Qudah


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