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Strategic Priorities


3.Robust knowledge-generating research




Performance KPI
Result KPI
To generate knowledge and scientific research of world-class quality
Number of interdisciplinary research teams
Percentage of publication per faculty member each year
To focus research efforts on current problems, issues, and challenges that concern the national, regional, and global community 
Number of scientific research agreements with local, regional and international community institutions
Degree of satisfaction by local, regional, and international community institutions with the university’s research programs/studies and with the solutions to  problems pertaining to Arab and international community
To give attention to theoretical and applied research that leads to patents
Number of research projects leading to patents
Percentage of patents and intellectual property rights recorded
To allocate sufficient resources for the development of research infrastructure
Proportion of expenditure on scientific research and infrastructure development to university budget
Degree of academic staff's satisfaction with allocation of resources for research and development of research infrastructure
To make available sufficient information resources for the purpose of research 
Number of subscriptions to global databases
Degree of satisfaction by students and academic staff with amount and quality of information resources
To encourage publication in world-class high-index journals and to promote research citations 
Number of scientific papers accepted for publication in international journals, conferences, and publishing houses
Number of annual citations and the global classification of researchers


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