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Strategic Priorities


1.World-class academic staff and students




Academic staff
Performance KPI
Result KPI
To invest in academic staff's capacity-building and to increase their efficiency and effectiveness
Number of activities held for faculty members
Number of faculty members attending those activities
To support academic staff and enable them to achieve global recognition
Number of distinguished UJ academics recognized globally and regionally
Number of awards received by the academic staff and prominent positions held
To enhance the interaction between academic staff and students
Number of academic staff meetings with students
Level of student satisfaction over their meetings with academic staff
To provide academic staff with opportunities for continuous professional development and enhance their creativity and pioneering spirit
Number of academics participating in professional development programs
Number of academics joining professional associations
Number of creative proposals submitted by academics
Number of patents, intellectual property, certificates of attendance, and noticeable accomplishments
To promote and attract excelling academics in the various academic fields
Establishing a mechanism for selecting distinguished faculty members
Number of distinguished faculty members annually appointed
Performance KPI
Result KPI
To support students’ creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship spirit
Number of programs that develop student creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship spirit
Number of creative proposals and projects submitted by students
To offer students excellent creativity, guidance, and career services
Number of activities and services pertaining to student academic advising and counselling
Degree of student satisfaction with these services
To promote students’ pursuit of distinction at the local, regional and global levels
Number of programs / activities aimed at preparing students for international competitions
Number of students awarded local / regional / international awards and recognition
To diversify student intake and enhance the proportion of non-Jordanian students
· Ratio of non-Jordanian to overall students
· Efficiency of programs that attract foreign students
Satisfaction level of non-Jordanian students
To develop mechanisms that would facilitate students’ interaction with the local community
Number of student activities in community service programs
Level of community satisfaction with students’ interaction


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