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Strategic Priorities


6.National, regional, and international strategic partnerships




Performance KPI
Result KPI
1.    To develop effective local, Arab and international strategic partnerships
1.    Number of signed cooperation agreements
1.    Financial and non-financial return from partnerships
2.    To forge relations with external bodies that support scientific research
2.1           Degree of diversity in partnerships
2.2           Number of partnerships per department / school
2.    Number of published research resulting from such partnerships
3.    To offer joint graduate programs in partnership with international universities and international institutions
3.    Number of academics / administrators benefiting from partnerships
3.    Number of joint graduate programs with international universities and international institutions
4.    To exchange experiences and knowledge globally
4.    Number of joint activities with partners (e.g., meetings, seminars, conferences, etc.)
4.    Number of students benefiting from such partnerships (as in job opportunities, training opportunities, etc.)
5.    To establish a global information system for the documentation and classification of Arabic publications
5.    Number of partnerships in the system
5.    System completion rate
6.    To maximize benefit from international grant programs
6.    Number of activities for awareness of international grant programs
6.    Return on each external program / grant


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