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Strategic Priorities


5.Effective social development




Performance KPI
Result KPI
1.    To provide value-added community services
1.    Number of contributions by faculty members to community services
1.    Community’s degree of satisfaction with the university's contribution to societal services
2.    To assist the local community in matters pertaining to development
2.    Number of projects, studies and dissertations contributing to community development
2.    Number of implemented projects
3.    To enhance awareness spreading and communication with the community
3.    Number of media programs targeting the community
3.    The community’s degree of  satisfaction with the university's awareness and communication campaigns
4.    To invest in the relationship with the alumni
4.    Alumni’s contributions to the university
4.    Number of programs supported by the alumni and endowments given
5.    To support participation of academics in national / international committees in all fields
5.    Amount of participation in national / international committees
5.    Level of university academic reputation
6.    To increase the efficiency of the university’s community service apparatus
6.    Number of services / activities provided by the community service center
6.    Degree of satisfaction by those receiving center's services


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