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Strategic Priorities


4.Sustainable campus environment & high institutional efficiency




Performance KPI
Result KPI
1.    To ensure sustainability of resources
1.    Ratio of actual revenues to estimated revenues
1.    Ratio of actual revenue to actual expenditure
2.    To expand investment and to develop investment venues
2.    Number of investment programs / projects in collaboration with external partners
2.    Return on investment per investment unit/project
3.    To provide a safe, healthy and environment-friendly campus
3.    Number of environmental conservation programs
3.    University standing in international environment-based rankings
4.    To transition into a Smart University
4.    Automation of procedures
4.    Completion percentage of the Smart University Project
5.    To raise the university's international standing and ranking
5.    Percentage of resources allocated for obtaining higher ranking
5.    Level of university standing in various rankings
6.    To adopt national and international quality and accreditation standards in all academic programs
6.    Amount of resources  allocated for obtaining international accreditation
6.    Number of programs internationally accredited
7.    To meet quality assurance requirements in all administrative and academic university facilities
7.    Number of procedures developed in accordance with quality assurance requirements
7.    Degree of employee satisfaction with the quality of performance and procedures at various university units
8.    To spread the culture of quality among all university employees
8.    Number of activities for the dissemination and enhancement of quality culture
8.    The degree of improvement in institutional performance
9.    To promote institutional competitiveness in accordance with best management and governance practices
9.    Number of internal, administrative, academic, and financial audit programs
9.    Level of administrative productivity
10.           To improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the university's academic units and administrative departments
10.           Number of programs aimed at developing efficiency / effectiveness
10.           Efficiency / effectiveness ratio of administrative units


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