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April 2014


Prof. Samir N. Khleif, MD

MBBS, Faculty of Medicine, 1986

Internationally recognized physician oncologist, cancer researcher, health transformation leader, and educator, Dr. Khleif currently serves as the Director of the State of Georgia Cancer Center, the GRU Cancer Center and the Cancer Service Line ...

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Prof. Thomas Maria Weber
Working as a visiting professor at The University of Jordan since 2010, I bear so much esteem to this country and its citizens, and, of course, to my colleagues and students at my hosting university.
Working here brings me joy and fulfillment; I and my family are well received according to the Jordanian Arab hospitality and daily accompanied with the warm friendship of my Muslim & Christian brothers and sisters.
I am a full Professor of Classical Archaeology with a Habilitation degree.  After studying at universities in Mainz, Bonn and Oxford during the period from 1974 to 1982, I have received my PhD from my home University, Mainz, some 30 years ago. After that, I spent time in sponsored travelling and directing archaeological excavations in Greece, Jordan, Yemen, Libya, Syria, and other countries of Bilad ash-Sham.
From 1985 to 1990 I worked at the German Protestant Institute of Archaeology in Amman. In this term of duty I was basically involved in the archaeological excavations at Gadara and the conservation of the Ottoman village of Umm Qais.
During the last two-and-a half decades, I taught at the Universities of Mainz and Paris. I can sincerely say that I admire The University of Jordan as it is the biggest and oldest public academic institution in the Kingdom, where students of all social classes of the Jordanian society have equal chances to pursue their curricula.  In my opinion, this is a great advance in the right direction with regards to public education, and I am certainly pleased to be involved in teaching and research at this renowned institution.
Thomas Maria Weber, Ph.D., Germany
Professor of Classical Archaeology
Faculty of Archaeology and Tourism, Tourism Management Department

The University of Jordan

Amman 11942 Jordan

Call: (+962) 6-5355 000

Fax: (+962) 6-5355 522


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