EU Projects at the University of Jordan
MENA Hybrid Solar System

HYMENSO aims to support the implementation of solar energy systems in the MENA region by following a holistic approach covering aspects of cost, reliability and dispatchability. A combination of PV (Photovoltaics) and CSP (Concentrating Solar Power) systems is investigated, in order to harvest the advantages of both systems.


Main scientific objectives:

• Create a data base of relevant local conditions for CSP and PV plants, such as meteorological data, industry capacity, energy demand, current energy production, and grid capacity of the participating MENA countries.

• Develop country specific solar energy roadmaps and concepts for combination of PV and CSP.

• Enhance local participation through capacity building and dissemination of results.

• Produce specifications of hybrid systems, to be applied on future prototypes and demonstrators to be developed in the continuity of this project.

• Demonstrate available subsystems in pilot applications.



1- German Aerospace Center (DLR), Germany

2-The Universityof Jordan, Jordan

3-Centre de Développement des EnergiesRenouvelables (CDER), Algeria

4-Researchand Technology Center of Energy (CRTEn), Tunisia

5-University of Patras, Greece