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A workshop on "Letter Grading System" at UJ


The Educational Development Center at the University of Jordan organized a workshop on the "Letter grading system at the University of Jordan", continues until January 31st.
"The workshop aims to familiarize 22 participants from various faculties on the system, its properties and application methods as well as shed light on problems relating to the system when grades are converted from digits to letters and propose appropriate solutions," said Dr. Darwish Badran, Director of the Center.
According to Badran, the workshop addresses difficulties faced by faculty members during usage, in addition to the difficulties related to grading environment and find appropriate solutions.

The workshop program includes three sessions, the first dealt with the presentation of the system and its characteristics and content, followed by a discussion about problems facing the implementation of the system.
The second session dealt with mechanisms used to convert percentage grades to letters and difficulties faced by users.
The final session dealt with how to practically implement the system on grading letters.

It's worth mentioning the workshop is part of a series of programs held at the Educational Development Center on the grading system which was introduced at the university in 1996.

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