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Symposium on "Developments in Diabetic Foot care" at UJ


The Department of Clinical Nursing organized a Symposium on the "Developments in Diabetic Foot care" and patronized by Vice President for Health Faculties and University of Jordan Hospital Prof. Lamis Rajab.
The participants at the Symposium called to improve the quality of medical services provided to diabetes patents and awareness and education on diabetes.
The Participants called to focus on scientific research on the complications of this disease.
Other participants also stressed on the need to identify developments of interest to nursing and health care staff regarding the treatment of Diabetic Foot Ulcers, infection incidence in Jordan, related procedures and medical examinations in addition to facts and figures about Diabetes.
"The Symposium is part of a series of events carried out by the Faculty of Nursing at the University to spread awareness and health education on the Diabetic Foot treatment in general and find out the best solutions to challenges facing patients of this disease," said Prof. Muayyad Ahmed, Dean of the Faculty of Nursing.
Ahmed added that the Faculty of Nursing is concerned with the participation in the development of health care policies at the national level, in addition to the development of national nursing strategies to uplift this humanitarian profession and its applications and values.
Prof. Mohammed Saleh, head of Clinical Nursing Department at the University, said the importance of the seminar stems from studies conducted in Jordan showed that the proportion of people with diabetes ranged between (15% -25%) among people aged 25 years and over.
"Preserving the lives of Patients with Diabetes starts by maintaining patient's feet through exact health assessment and maintaining peripheral nerves to prevent wounds and sores, and how to handle them if they occur according to modern scientific principles, and conscious nursing staff, as well as having clinics for diabetic foot care in every hospital and clinic," Saleh added.
The symposium discussed topics on diabetes in general and its complications presented by Dr. Mohammad Yaqub from the Faculty of Nursing at the University, while Dr. Mohammed Saleh addressed Diabetic Foot caused by diabetes complications, and Dr. Fadi Suna'a  from Al Petra Pharmaceuticals focused on Diabetic Foot Ulcers.
Dr. Nidal Yunus from the Faculty of Medicine reviewed facts and figures on Diabetic Foot in Jordan and the elevating percentage of infected people, Dr. Mamoun Qaryouti from the Royal Medical Services discussed the role of surgery in Diabetic Foot care.
The Symposium tackled ways to link between the theoretical and practical sides in diabetic foot care, and the role of nursing in providing care for people with Diabetes.
At the end of the Symposium, a person shared his experience with Diabetes after it was discovered through tests he underwent at the University of Jordan Hospital, and how to deal with the disease as a chronic illness.
On the sidelines of the Symposium, Prof. Lamis Rajab handed shields to the participants and speakers of the seminar which was held with the support of Al Petra Pharmaceuticals.

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