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AcademicNews: Theatrical Arts students excel in their graduation projects


Theatrical Arts students excel in their graduation projects


Students of Theatrical Arts at the University of Jordan recently displayed their graduation projects at Osama Mashini Theatre in Luibdeh for the seventh consecutive year.


Dr. Fadi Skaiker, Assistant Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Design and coordinator of the shows said the organization of such graduation events aims to showcase the experience of graduates and apply what have been studied on the ground.


Skaiker added that the Department of Theatrical Arts contributes to graduating competencies that are able to continue through to professional playwriting, acting and directing, through the University's support for such activities, morally and substantially.


The shows reflected theme Views from daily life and scripts have been written in a new different way, Skaiker Said, adding that shows were conclude with remarks and recommendations of the jury to shift students from school to professional stage.

The four-day event included a play titled "Abu Shakoush" created and directed by student Waheed Qawasmeh and starring Lana Matalqa, Uday Hijazi, Muhammad Ali and Waheed Qawasmeh, the play talked about fear that dominates the minds of young people and how to free them selves from it, while a play called "Fi a'ali el houb" by student Abdel Raouf Al-Jaber starring Mary Madanat and Omar Arfah addressed painful memories of wars.


Another play "Laylat el Qatalah" created and directed by Rajai Kandah and starring Sama Shahrori about what is going on the minds of young people and their imaginations, while the final play "Brova", created and directed by student Mary Madanat and starred by student Majd Afifi and Omar Arafah, addressed the arts community of young people and the circumstances which hinder their creativity.


It's Noteworthy that the Graduation Projects Jury includes in its members, Dr. Karram Nimri, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Design at the University of Jordan, Dr. Mekhled Zeudi from the Faculty of Arts and Design at Yarmouk University, Mohammed Dmour the Director of the Performing Arts Directorate and filmmaker Sawsan Darwaza.

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