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AcademicNews: Jordan University Hospital: Yearns to Globalization through specialized cadres and advanced technologies


Jordan University Hospital: Yearns to Globalization through specialized cadres and advanced technologies


To realize the utmost medical and therapeutic advancements and the highest levels of health care supported by the latest medical technologies in the world; denotes a dream sought by everyone who works in this area.
Jordan University Hospital aspires to reach the highest levels of medical and health care; as all successive administrations were keen to continue the mission day and night and move forward to arrive at the desired dream.
Certificates of international accreditation (JCI), ISO, the Health Care Accreditation Council (HCAC) with excellence for three years, Hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP), and the National Goals for Quality and safety of health care, and Excellence in Occupational and Health Safety; are international and national medals of honor adorned the steps of this medical institution, a prove to this medical achievement offered to all sectors of the Jordanian society.
In this framework, JUH has cooperation ties to a number of relevant authorities in the public and private sectors, affirming continuous development to serve the largest number of citizens with the highest quality standards.
Prof. Mjali Mhilan, Director General of Jordan University Hospital said in an interview this medical institution is keen to consolidate the directives of the wise Hashemite leadership in upgrading the health sector and the adoption of legislation and policies needed to maintain the quality excellence of health and medical services provided to patients; nearly half million patients annually.
He Also emphasized the dedication of previous administrations to promote its effort, bearing in mind the national targets based on the royal messages and visions depending on the adoption of efficiency and achievement versus time, and placed in the top of priorities the supply of distinct medical services taking into account the education and research dimension, and by providing basic and minute medical specialties to provide outstanding medical procedures, and all diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical services.
" few weeks are separating us from the inauguration of a new building for the labor and Delivery, consists of three floors and the capacity of (120) beds, including (32) beds for neonatal intensive care and (68) beds for in patients," Mhilan revealed in response to a question about the latest efforts carried out in this medical institution.
The construction of this building, which will be supplied with specialized cadres medical, comes from an international granted by the health systems II support project / (USAID), with area of approximately (4750) square meters, he added.
And about history JUH's achievements, Mhilan explained that developments in this medical institution was not only in quantity, but was is accompanied by qualitative development, pointing out that the hospital has conducted bone marrow transplant for patients with leukemia and other diseases at a units established for this specific purpose, also the it conducts Cochlear Implants to restore hearing, Corneas Implant in coordination with the Eye Bank of Jordan, which is based at the Hospital, in addition to a clinic specializing in the treatment of autoimmune and pulmonary diseases, and sleep lab equipped to provide specialized services for patients with special serious breathing problems around the clock.
In the same context, the hospital was the first to introduce the Smart capsule endoscopy system in diagnostic of the digestive system, where it was equipped with latest and tools in this area, said Mhilan.
Other accomplishments Also, specializing in the treatment of chronic pain, diabetic foot infection, and dental implants, as well as a clinic to follow-up newborns and providing specialized medical services for children in the areas of infectious diseases, neurology, brain, heart, sensitivity, thoracic, digestive, Kidney, and children glands disorders.
Education at the hospital is one of the main tasks; it educates undergraduate and graduate students at five health colleges "Faculties of Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Pharmacy, and the Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences", whereas the number of graduated from these colleges in the past year reached (1000) graduates.
As for rehabilitation medicine at the hospital, it has witnessed a remarkable development, especially after the establishment of the Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of Jordan; as a result the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine offers integrated rehabilitative services for patients using the latest medical and high-tech devices.
This year, the hospitals Labs have achieved quantum leaps in various fields, such as the establishment of toxicology, pathology, molecular, tissues and cells laboratories, and a blood bank.
Moreover, Laboratory Department  is getting ready to introduce the (Fish System) to provide a Molecular genetic diagnosis; In its quest for excellence the department of laboratories has joint external program for quality control (EQAS) to cover all the divisions of the laboratories to assure quality of work.
Radiology received a vast share of development and modernization, the Hospital has modern MRI devices and adopted a Picture archiving and communications systems to enable doctors to view images electronically and perform diagnosis from anywhere anytime.
And on local, regional and international cooperation, Mhilan confirmed that hospital tied to many Arab and international institutions at all levels, dealt with medical, technical, academic and research aspects.
At the local level, Mhilan added that JUH works to reach pockets of poverty and remote areas to provide medical, therapeutic and educational services through a range of voluntary medical days.
At the conclusion of the interview, he explained that this medical institution integrates the following banks and medical centers: Eye Bank of Jordan, blood bank, Mother and Child Care Center, and the National Center for Monitoring Drugs Side Effects, and the National Drug and Poison Information Center.
The medical departments of the Hospital comprises : Department of Special Surgery (includes eyes, brain, nerves, bones and joints, ear, nose and throat, and the brain and nerves surgery), Department of Internal Medicine (endocrinology, diabetes and genetics, neuroscience, kidney, heart disease, arthritis and rheumatism, blood, tumors, mental, and dermatologists, and digestive and liver, and infectious diseases, and the thoracic and respiratory diseases, allergy and immunology diseases), Department of General Surgery (digestive system, adolescent, endocrinology, head and neck, tumors, heart and chest, blood vessels, trauma, restoration, cosmetic and burns).
Moreover, JUH includes the Departments of Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Dentistry, Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, Anesthesia and Resuscitation, Medical Laboratories and Forensic Medicine, Rehabilitation Medicine, and Trauma and Emergency Department.
Also the hospital includes other special medical units (Intermediate Care for Neurosurgery Unit, Urinary Tract Stones Fragmentation Unit, and Internal Medicine Intensive Care Unit, and a CCU, Electrocardiography ECG Unit Intensive Care for open heart surgeries Unit).
It is worth mentioning that Jordan University Hospital was established in 1973 under the name "Amman Grand Hospital", however was appended to the University of Jordan in 1975 by a Royal Decree, to become "Jordan University Hospital."
Since its establishment, JUH has been managed by 14 Directors, and embrace 2565 employees.

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