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AcademicNews: UJ seeks to foster scientific research, Industry relationships


UJ seeks to foster scientific research, Industry relationships


Prof. Hala Khyami UJ's Vice President for Scientific Research, Graduate Studies and Quality has met with the Secretary of the Jordan Chamber of Industry and the representative of the chemical industry and cosmetics sector, Nabil Ismail.
Khyami stressed the importance of working on linking the industry and the academic sectors in terms of linking education outputs with labor market needs, and prepare graduates to have the skills to serve industry on one hand, and directing scientific research and graduate studies for the development of Jordan's industry on the other hand.
Ismail confirmed willingness to work on providing information and proper conditions to facilitate cooperation with UJ in general and the Department of Chemistry in particular.
the main priorities of the Jordanian chemical sector is to find prospects for innovation and development in order to support the competitiveness of the Jordanian product on the local and global levels, Ismail said, stressing confidence that UJ is capable of supplying industry with knowledge and well-informed competences.
The meeting focused on developing guidelines for cooperation between the private chemical sector and the academic sector, represented by the Department of Chemistry, and most important the establishment of a permanent exhibition for the industry in the Faculty of Science as well as holding more lectures on chemical sector for the department students and attract a number of them to train in Jordanian factories.
This meeting was attended by the Dean of the Faculty of Science Prof. Najeeb Abu karaki, Vice Dean Prof. Fawaz Al-Khalili, Chairman of the Department of Chemistry, Prof. Jalal Zahra, Assistant Dean Prof. Imad Hamadneh, Director of Hamdi Mango Center Prof. Abeer Bawab and Prof. Musa Al Nazer, and Prof. Moses Abuzarkh, and Prof. Amal Al-Aboudi.
The meeting came on the sidelines of a lecture delivered by Mr. Nabil Ismail, Jordan Chamber of Industry, where he spoke about the reality of the chemical industries in Jordan, and prospects of cooperation with scientific research.
Industrial sector is one of the most important economic sectors in Jordan in terms of its contribution to the GDP - about 25% - and supplies about 263 thousand job opportunities, Ismail pointed out. In addition to the contribution of the industrial investments in the development of local communities; the development of infrastructure, strengthening economic activities, and create more jobs through linking with different economic sector.
Ismail said despite that the chemical sector is facing many obstacles most important high production costs; energy prices in particular, it's still a promising sector in Jordan due to the existence of competitive and relative advantages and consumer confidence in Jordanian products around the world, which is the third largest industrial sectors in terms of the size of industrial capital; $ 531 million in 2011.
Ismail stressed the need to invest in research, development and innovation and work on linking education with the requirements of the chemical industry.
For her part, Dr. Amal Al-Aboudi, the Rapporteur of the Seminars Committee at the Department of Chemistry, stressed the call to linkage the needs of the industrial sector with plans development, to include practical training in factories and prepare students to enter the labor market.
Dr. Jalal Zahra, head of the Department of Chemistry, welcomed the idea of allocating a series of seminars to introduce the chemical industries and job opportunities to graduates.
Dr. Abeer Al Bawab, the Director of Hamdi Mango Center expressed willingness to coordinate with the Jordan Chamber of Industry to arrange a training program for students who are expected to graduate.

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