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AcademicNews: Tarawneh: classes and examinations runs as usual on Election Day


Tarawneh: classes and examinations runs as usual on Election Day


UJ's President, Prof. Ekhleif Tarawneh invited student union elections candidates to translate His Majesty King Abdullah's words on UJ's 50th anniversary into actions.
Tarawneh said during a meeting with election candidates, His Majesty the King stressed the role of youth in reform and change along with meeting challenges and difficulties with determination, hope and competence.
UJ completed preparations for this national democratic celebration which coincides with the beginning of the parliamentary elections, in better forms and manifestations, he noted.
The Jordanian community, including political leaders and economic social, media and cultural elites, is looking towards the University, Tarawneh said. He expressed absolute confidence that students will be able to accept responsibility and give priority to the public and university interests over their personal benefits.
In his speech, Tarawneh stressed that classes and examinations will run as usual on the Election Day, except for graduation projects which will be rescheduled by supervisors later on.

Tarawneh warned anyone to tamper with the security of the University and its resources or abuse students, praising the wisdom and awareness of UJ's students to overcome this phase representing real civilized image of the University of Jordan.
Tarawneh urged student voters and candidates to promote the values of tolerance and teamwork and take pride of UJ's this year achievements, especially the gain of Al -Hussein Medal for Distinguished Contribution - first-class and other awards that have been granted to some university institutions in the midst of the celebrations of the Fiftieth Anniversary of the UJ's founding.
Prof. Rida Khawaldeh, Vice President and Head of the Supreme Committee for Elections, said the University stands at the same distance from all candidates.
Khawaldeh displayed action taken by the Committee to enable university students to exercise their democratic right to choose their own representatives at the Students Union freely.
According to Dr. Nail Shura'a, Member of the Supreme Committee for Elections and Dean of Student Affairs, the number of candidates until the end of Monday reached 395 candidates competing for 92 seats after the announcement of 16 candidates as members by acclamation.
Voting will begin at nine AM until 5 PM, while ballot counting will be concluded directly at election halls, Shura'a added.
On a related matter, a large number of university students expressed satisfaction on the actions taken by the University to ensure that the electoral process is free and transparent.
Candidate Rowan Momani from the Faculty of Pharmacy said actions taken by the University are to the highest standards of democratic values.
Momani is running for the first time and in case of succeeding she pledge to work with members of the Union to allocate Pharm.D students at the University Hospital and work for the creation of multi-storey parking near the Admission and Registration Unit at the University.
Bahaa Qudah a member of the Clock Tower List said the list would seek to provide support and a place for Student Media such as the successful radio program (Clock Tower), which broadcasts via University of Jordan Radio.
Qudah who studies at the School of International Studies called for more cooperation between university students and media institutions in Jordan in order to contribute to raising the level of media awareness among students.
Student activist Ahmed Mubaideen who is a student at the Faculty of Archaeology and Tourism urged his fellow colleagues to vote to produce a strong union, stating that this election is an important opportunity for students to participate as an exercise to the upcoming parliamentary elections.
Candidate Rakan Khtoom from the Faculty of Dentistry called his fellow students to contribute to the formation of a strong union that promotes student role on campus.
Khtoom said if he wins the election, he plans to cooperate with the college administration to solve the examination schedules problems and support practical training for students.
Rowan Malah, Member of the Supreme Committee for Elections commended on the cooperation of all university students, confirming students' determination on the success of these elections which reflect the true civilized face of the University of Jordan.

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