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AcademicNews: UJ holds international conference on Poland-Jordan in light of Europe's new role


UJ holds international conference on Poland-Jordan in light of Europe's new role


The Third International Conference, “Poland-Jordan-European Union: A new Role of Europe in the Middle East after the Arab Spring” was held on Thursday at the University of Jordan.
UJ's President, Prof. Ekhleif Al Tarawneh displayed the history of the University since 1962 and its evolution to become the biggest Jordanian university and the educator of many political and state figures.
UJ now has about 3 thousand foreign students representing 60 world countries. Al Tarawneh said.
Tarawneh said UJ's expanded to have, including the Aqaba branch, 1650 faculty members who take over the teaching of nearly 38 thousand students, pointing out that the number of female students compared to males is about two-thirds of the total number.
Under the leadership of His Majesty King Abdullah II, Jordan was able to build a network of relationships with Arab and foreign countries which was utilized so as to enhance security and stability in Jordan, Al Tarawneh added.
Tarawneh said EU's new role in the region deals with promoting democracy and development in the Middle East, based on historical relations, pointing out that those rules continued to become stronger in the light of the Arab Spring at the political, economic and social levels.
Tarawneh expressed hope that Conference could highlight European roles developments to deal with the Middle East in light of the Arab Spring and result in recommendations that could assist decision makers in this context and contribute in establishingsecurity, stability and development, in addition to promote the values of coexistence.
Polish ambassador to Jordan Krzysztof Bojko referred in a speech at the opening of the conference to the growing relations between Poland and Jordan under the leaderships of the two countries.
Jordan - Poland joint relations grow in various areas, especially in light of Poland's accession to the European Union, Bojko added.
Dr. Zaid Eyadat, Dean of the Faculty of International Studies at UJ, displayed the strong Jordanian-European relations before the Arab Spring, which affected all areas.
President of the National Defense University in Poland, Vice President of Jagiellonian University addressed in their talks prospects of cooperation between Jordan and Poland and reviewed the relationship with Jordan and the Arab states.
The conference sessions included 14 speakers from Poland and other 8 speakers who addressed a number of topics related to the Jordanian-European relations.

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