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AcademicNews: Energy, Water and Environment Centre organizes a scientific day


Energy, Water and Environment Centre organizes a scientific day


The Vice President of University of Jordan for Scientific Faculties Affairs, Prof. Rida Khawaldeh indicated the role of the Energy, Water and Environment Center in supplying the energy sectors with specialized and qualified individuals with sufficient expertise to find solutions to the energy issue in Jordan.

Khawaldeh expressed, during the opening of the Scientific Day for the Master's Program in Renewable Energy, UJ's keenness to support national efforts to meet the challenges at the energy sector in light of the continues rise in oil prices on the global level.

According to the Director of the for Water, Energy and Environment Center at the University, Dr. Ahmed Salaymeh, the scientific day is organized by the Centre within the celebrations of the University on the fiftieth anniversary of its founding, and aims at introducing students to the uses of renewable energy and raise awareness to the concept of energy conservation, and communication with the private sector that deal with renewable energy.

Salaymeh noted that the Day includes lectures and workshops on the use of renewable energy and how to save energy, and train students on energy efficiency.
In a related issue, the Director of the Regional office for EU projects in Aqaba, Dr. Essmat Karadsheh, reviewed the Union's funding programs in areas of water, energy and environment.

From her part, the director of "Idamah" association for energy, water and environment halla Zawati, announced the opening of the first branch of the Association within the University of Jordan under the title " Idamah U" to contribute to spreading awareness among students regarding energy, water and environment.

Zawati described the "Idamah " association as a non-profit organization concerned with sustaining energy, water and environment.

On the sidelines of the scientific day, Prof. khawaldah opened an exhibition specialized in renewable energy with the participation of a number of private companies that are dealing with the preservation of energy, environment and water.

It is worth mentioning that the Master's of renewable energy program at the University of Jordan is the first of its kind in Jordan, has an intake of 11 students, the program concentrates on topics such as renewable energy sources and how to increase the efficiency of renewable energy in addition to laws and regulations related to energy sources and management.

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