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Welcome to the Website of the University of Jordan in Aqaba with its unique location at the head of Aqaba Gulf that’s well known for the clarity of its water and the beauty of its coral reefs and diverse marine life.

We invite you dear visitor to enjoy surfing our website because you will find interesting, useful, and accurate information aiming to introduce you to our newly established university sponsored by the University of Jordan in Amman.  

By accessing the Website you will learn about UJ’s vision, objectives, faculties, and specialties that were created to suit the modern development in education, training, and skills refinement in order to meet local and Arab markets needs.

The University of Jordan in Aqaba is located in a distinguished place on the road to King Hussein International Airport on the northern side of the city, and on the main road linking Aqaba to Dead Sea leading to Amman and the northern cities of Jordan which continue to lead the way to Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, and Iraq.

Also, The University of Jordan in Aqaba is located on the road that links the city to Saudi Arabia, and runs along the southern region of the city of Aqaba where the Marine Science Station with its marine life gallery and long history of scientific research has attracted many visitors and tourists.

The university has provided the students with everything they need to get degrees they want easily and comfortably.