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1.   Broaden sport activities base by allowing the chance to a bigger number of students and workers at the university (Employees, Faculty Members) to practice the various sport activities.

2.   Encourage students and workers at the university to practice sport in the aim of physical fitness.

3.   Discover the best athletic elements in the students; polish it and raise its level.

4.   Take up the technical performance level in University sport Teams.

5.   Contributing in lifting the athletic level in the local society.

6.   Contribute in establishing social relationships between the students through practicing sport activities.

7.   Participating in official, national and international tournaments in all different accredited sport games for individuals and teams.





Created at 5/17/2012 5:07 PM by Mamoon Dmour
Last modified at 7/25/2012 12:15 PM by Sahar Madaeen