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The Admission and Registration Unit serves students, faculty members, alumni, staff and external organizations in support of the university’s goals of discovery, learning and engagement.

The Admission and Registration Unit is committed to excellence. We challenge ourselves to be efficient and competent at work, constantly seeking improvement in ways of conducting business for ourselves and the people we serve. As well as maintaining an environment in office and on campus that encourages growth, supports academics, values people, respects differences, and promotes communication and participation throughout all divisions of the university.



The Admission and Registration Unit aspires to present continuously improving services through a dedicated and skilful staff, improved and efficient processes that guarantee integrity, confidentiality and security of all academic records.

We provide accurate, timely and cost-effective services related to the upgrade and dissemination of course-related information, enrolment, registration, grade reporting and graduation of students in addition to the creation, maintenance and dissemination of academic certifications for past and current students.

We support and provide liaison for the implementation, enforcement, and monitoring of the university’s educational and administrative policies regarding academic information.

We work closely with all departments at the university in a manner that is based on principles of fairness, good stewardship, and commitment to excellence.




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