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The importance of human resources comes through providing UJ with high qualified staff who are capable of giving an excellent performance.


1 – The head of Bureau is responsible for controlling the administrative affairs , organizing all internal and external correspondences and saving them in private files.


2 – Organizing faculty members affairs, presenting them to the officials in order to answer them according to regulations and laws in addition to saving them after taking the appropriate action.


3- Holding examinations for applicants and following-up the appointment.


4 – Organizing job contract for UJ staff and the delegates in academic or scientific missions.


5 - Preparing annual reports for the personnel, organizing and monitoring annual and sick leave in addition to issuing identity cards.


6 – Announcing job vacancies at the University and completing the  appointment procedures.


7 - Creating a balance by distributing manpower in the university.


8 - Preparing the formation agenda through monitoring the actual need of the University and putting the future strategies of development.


9 - Investing in people through rehabilitating and training them in addition to raising their production efficiency in order to get job satisfaction.


10 - Following-up and completing all works of the foreign faculty staff such as issuing work permits, completing security approval with the concerned authorities such as the Civil Service Bureau.


11 - Implementing and issuing required statistics and reports from internal and external entities such as (the Ministry of Higher Education and scientific research, General Statistics Department, Audit Bureau and Social Security Corporation).


12 –Accomplishing and following up affairs relating to social security regulations by sending the list of staff who end their services through private computer system.


13 - Contributing in the organizational structure and developing it in addition to writing job descriptions for new job titles.


14 – Conducting evaluation forms annually and updating these forms continuously.


15 - Addressing the basic data of academic and administrative staff such as promotions, transfers, workplace and job title changes, the annual bounce, changing the appointing type, Ending services and updating social status.





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