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Early in 1967, the Department of Administrative affairs was launched as part of the General Secretariat; it was responsible for the following tasks, which are also the current tasks of the Human Resources Department:


A – Maintaining the staff records of faculty members, teaching assistants, lecturers and administrative staff.


B – Organizing the functional affairs of faculty members, teaching assistants, lecturers and administrative staff and presenting them to officials according to specific laws and regulations.


C – Holding examinations for new applicants and following-up appointment procedures.


D – Organizing job contracts for UJ staff and faculty members sponsored in academic or scientific missions.


E – Preparing annual staff reports, organizing and monitoring annual and sick leaves in addition to issuing employee cards.


In 1977, Mr. Mohamed Ali Mere'i was appointed as the Director of Personnel Division (the Director of Administrative affairs). Until 1995, it was divided into 3 divisions:

A - Faculty Members and Sponsored Studies Division.

B – Personnel Affairs Division.

C – Records Division which has two branches.

- Personnel Services Branch: it was responsible for following-up foreign residences and health insurance, issuing university identities, car permits and consumer institution cards.


- A special branch for social security and life insurance was managed by an employee from the Social Security Corporation.


  • The Information Systems and Administrative Services Division was established In 1995 (previously known as the Division of Administrative and Computer Services).


  • The Data and Documentation Division and the Sponsored Studies Division were established in 2003 (the second became part of International Relations Office in 2008).


  • The Training and Development Division was established in 2008.

Human Resources Department aims to find highly qualified and effective work force in order to achieve strategic integration at the University in accordance with its mission.


Human Resources Department is one of the most important elements of the production process.


The department performs the necessary procedures to provide UJ with professional staff, where the Administrative and Faculty Members divisions are responsible for the execution of appointment decisions of academic and administrative staff, and follow up their work affairs such as annual leaves, while the Information Systems and Administrative Services Division computerizes the work of the Department and implements all decisions electronically, provides the employees with administrative services, personal identities, life insurance and social security in addition to providing reports and statistics related to faculty and administrative staff.


The Data and Documentation Division documents and files all information related to UJ staff by using modern scientific methods.


The Training and Development Division surveys the training needs and holds training courses for workers.





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