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Department of centralized payroll


Salaries Division

Responsible for preparing, auditing employees’ salaries, transferring them to the banks and transfer the bursaries of the sponsored students.


End of service division & Social Security & insurances

Handles calculating the end of service for employees, follow up with insurances on the universities assets, insurance of the employees lives, social security and health care for students with their life insurance.


Department of Accounts


Division of Expenses

Process all financial claims on the university while making sure it meets the exchange procedures.

Exchanging outstanding claims of students and graduate students.

Division of Revenue: Handles receiving the tuition fees, housing fees, the model school, restaurants and universities farms; and any other universities’ revenue.


Division of Students Fund

Follow up and collects student loans after the graduation and the wages of employing students and top students grant.



Computer Division

1. Maintenance of accounts receivables (UJ's financial rights).

2. Keeping the bank accounts that the university deals with in all currencies.

3. Print checks.

4. Delivery of checks.

5. Telephone calls bells of staff.



Audit and Central Budget Department

The Budget and Financial Planning Division

prepare statistical data on the estimated budget and prepare a draft budget and final accounts, and follow up the implementation of the budget during the fiscal year, control the University's repeated spending and capital, and the preparation of financial reports on the budget



Audit and Financial Control Division

audit financial documents issued by all the divisions at the unit and watch revenue of the University, and follow all the guarantees for Central Tenders and Sub tenders at the university, and audit the funds, and perform the sudden audit on holders of sub books and make sure they supply the amounts received to the general fund, and audit and inventory amounts of university fees.


Costs Division

prepare the accounts of the centers and production units such as the center of consultation, restaurants, university press and the Agricultural Research Station and the Marine Sciences Station and others, and the preparation of annual financial reports of the work of these centers and production units.


Division of the external collection

follows-up and collect revenue from various university fees and rents, and carry out mortgage operations at the Department of Lands and Survey regarding the university sponsored students.