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Financial Affairs Unit Services

1.   The Financial Affairs Unit conducted more than one hundred thousand financial transaction during the academic year 2010/2011; this figure does not include financial transactions carried out by the banks that deal with the University in regard to university fees.

2.   The Financial Affairs Unit conducted financial transactions (exchange transactions, invoices, etc.) that exceed the total (74,000) seventy-four thousand transactions during the year 2011.

3.   The Financial Affairs Unit organizes accounts of various entities outside the university budget such as; (Jordan Modern High Technology Company (Manaseer), Jordanian Universities Network, the Arab Council for the training of students, Marine Sciences Station, etc.).

4.   Commissioned by the university administration, the staff of the Financial Affairs Unit participates in most committees on the work of the university.

5.   The preparation of financial accounts and budgets Branch University of Jordan in Aqaba.

6.   The Finance Unit to complete the computerization program of the delegates.