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 Message from The Director


In the name of God, most gracious, most merciful


A greeting carries Lord’s peace and blessing, and yet,


Dear visitor, I welcome you to the website of Financial Affairs Unit at the university of Jordan, through which we seek an ongoing interaction with you whether you are sponsored, a student, a staff, an academic or a supplier; interested in the operation of this unit or its service.


It has always been though, by most of the people we deal with, regardless of their educational or cultural level, that this unit has the legal permission to give money. The fact is that all operations carried out by the unit are governed by laws, and regulations in force at the university.


This website may serve to introduce the visitors dealing with the Unit’s governing procedures and limits that govern the transactions at the unit, it may also serve accelerating the process which will save the time required to complete the operation and improve the level of customers' satisfaction and serve the university.


The unit has no direct relation with any of its clientele, the sponsored students are associated with the International Relations Office, students with the Admission Unit, Staff with the Human Resources Department, the academic with his or her faculty or institution or center and the supplier with the Central Tenders Department, Supplies Department, Maintenance or Engineering Department.


Thus, we receive transaction order through these bodies and we do not work with isolation from them and are directly affected by them.


On the other hand, expect us to serve you with professionalism and timely manner, and expect us to tell you about your rights and to deal with you as a worthy member of the University of Jordan family.


In conclusion, we promise to maintain the process of modernizing and development, and to keep an excellent level in providing you with service and to always walk the paths of the Hashemite in the elevation and the progress of our country Jordan, led by his majesty King Abdullah II.



May God's peace be with all of you


Professor Dr. Mamoun Al-Debi'e