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Zahra &  Andalus



Conditions for admission


1.           To be registered one Course at least.

2.           To be physically fit, with no communicable diseases, attested by a certificate from a Ministry of Health Centre.

3.           A written statement pledging to abide by the Hostel's rules and regulations.



Papers needed


1.           Photocopies of registration fees receipt and passport

2.           Two photographs.





(Room for two)




 166 JD

First and second semesters.


 83   JD  

Summer semesters.



Insurance fees


10 JD 

Maintenance insurance (refundable).


03 JD  

Key insurance (refundable).


01 JD 

At the beginning of every academic year,  For social and cultural activities.






Fees for regular students (Triple)



83  JD

For first and second semesters.


43  JD  

For Summer Semesters.                                               

10  JD  

Maintenance insurance (refundable). 


3    JD  

Key insurance ( refundable).


1    JD  

At the beginning of every academic year, for social and cultural  activities. 



Facilities and Services 


Each room accommodates two or three students, common areas include a reception for visitors, TV and video halls, study halls, beside praying areas.


1.           Each hostel has a small shop that sells canned food, candy and juice.

2.           Light meals can be prepared in the floor kitchen.


You can join activities such as:


Trips, Lectures celebrating national and religious days and meetings with those responsible at the University.



Useful hint


1.           It is useful to follow up notices on bulletin boards.

2.           Keep common areas clean.

3.           It will be appreciated if you are in your room during evening at attendance check.

4.           In from your supervisor as possible if you intend to go on a trip.

5.           Incoming calls are received after 4: PM every day and they will be switched to your room until 10:p.m, Please be fully and decently dressed after 9:a.m. 




1.           Your cooperation is necessary to create a quiet atmosphere to enable everybody to rest   and study.

2.           Tidying your room and cleaning it up is your personal responsibility.

3.           Try to do so every day before leaving.

4.           Visitors are received in the halls downstairs. They are not allowed to go up to your Room.

5.           Visiting hours are from 1.p.m till 6 PM ever, and from 12 PM till 6p.m on weekends.

6.           The hostels are for students who are officially registered at the University.

7.           Other students are not allowed to stay.

8.           There are fixed hours for returning to the hostels. Abide by announced times.

9.           A written permit is needed if you are leaving the hostel during weekends( Thursday  to Saturday).Asking for such permits by phone is not accepted.

10.        Hostels are closed during semester breaks and holidays for maintenance and cleaning.

11.        You will need two sheets, a pillow case, few cooking utensils and some detergents and soap. 






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